Type(s): Water/Electric Tiers: OU


Volt Absorb: Increases HP by 25% when hit by an electric type move.



Zudomon was a huge powerhouse in Gen III, and is even more of a powerhouse now. It's psychical moveset now includes psychical STAB, so it can abuse it's better psychical attack. Even with a decent special attack, Zudomon has access to both Nasty Plot and Swords Dance to boosts his stats, and with a huge move pool and good typing, Zudomon is the best wallbreaker in the game. Zudomon might not be very bulky, but it's defenses are far from poor, plus it has a monster like HP, with access to both Iron Defense, and Amnesia, making him even better as a tank. Zudomon's only real problem is it's poor speed, and the fact that he is still weak to common ground type moves, but that's really it. Zudomon is highly reccommended for any teams.


Although Zudomon's defenses are only average in ubers, and it's psychical and special attack seems "underwhelming", Zudomon is more deadly than anyone can expect. Zudomon has insane HP, with a huge move pool, and also has access to all +2 stat boosting moves. Zudomon's own type and ability helps block common moves in ubers, as not a lot of ubers carry Earthquake. Zudomon is more deadly force, that even uber teams need to watch out for.