Type(s): Fire/Flying Tiers: Ubers


Drought: Summons a permanent sun.



With its monstrously high Special Defense combined with the excellent Blazing Helix and Brave Bird STAB combination and that impressive Attack stat, switching into Zhuqiaomon is a daunting prospect. Zhuqiaomon's amazing bulk and lack of weaknesses to common attack types in Ubers make it a defensive behemoth. Thanks to Zhuqiaomon's new toy in Brave Bird, most of its old counters no longer work as well, meaning the Zhuqiaomon is now a top-tier threat that can literally devastate teams. Also, Zhuqiaomon summons permanent sun, which means it will devastate opponents with a base 195 power without STAB Blazing Helix at your opponents. However, Stealth Rock is a large pain in Zhuqiaomon's side, as it is set up by many common Pokemon in Ubers such as Ebonwumon, Baihumon, and Daemon Cloak Mode, and Zhuqiaomon will hate losing 50% of its health every time it switches in. Nevertheless, the fire duck is still an enormous threat, and is something that every team needs to have a plan for.

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