Type: Bug Tiers: NFE


Shield Dust: Negates positive side effects.



Hooray for the worst Pokemon in the entire game! Wormmon is so BAD, that it will make anybody who face it so happy, that eventually they'll never have to be sad in their lifes ever again. Wormmon has one of the worst offensive stats of all Pokemon, and although it has a decent psychical attack to start doing psychical "sweeps", don't think that'll be possible. Wormmon only knows one move, and that move does NO DAMAGE! The only stat that Wormmon has that isn't Horrible (Still bad though) has been completely wasted. The real thing Wormmon is useful for is to make the opponents die from laughing so hard, that they'll choke, and then you'll be arrested, and WORMMON will be hated once more. I don't feel sorry that Ken always treated this guy like S***, cuz he deserves it for being a terrible Pokemon.

"The Most Dangerous Move Set EVA!"Edit

EVs: No need

Item: You kidding!

Nature: Whatever

String Shot

Here's what you do with this move set. Get killed by any moves it doesn't resist, or survive with like 5 HP, and use one string shot to lower the opponents speed. Then use another string shot to annoy your opponent, and then Wormmon dies. Then send in any Pokemon that would normally have been able to outspeed the Pokemon that you faced with Wormmon and kill it. Why even bother, just don't use Wormmon?

Other OptionsEdit

This the other option: Eh... I got nothing.

Checks and CountersEdit

Must I explain!?!? Just use any Pokemon and kill Wormmon.