Type(s): Bug/Flying Tiers: UU


Technician: Moves with power 60 or lower get a 1.5x boost.



Stingmon has improved a lot compared to the horrible Wormmon. From an annoying pest that can't do anything with string shot to a huge threat in the lower tiers is a great accomplishment. Stingmon possesses the highest speed in the lower tiers, and even high by OU standards. Stingmon also has a monster like psychical attack, breaking any Pokemon's defenses at ease. Stingmon's signature move spiking strike is the most powerful prority move with 60 base power, topped with it's ability Technician means Stingmon can nearly sweep teams with just one move. Stingmon does have problems though. The fact is Stingmon has a horrible typing, resisted by too many types, and although not the worst bulk alive, but not a good bulk either. But Stingmon can still shine on anyone's team, and should always be considered when making one.


Although Megakabuterimon, Stingmon's fellow bug type ally is already in the OU tiers, with much more superior bulk, and an ability to absorb powerful moves, Stingmon has some advantages over it. One main advantage is that Stingmon is way quicker, and also has a lot more psychical attack, making him a more powerful sweeper. Also, with Technician, it can fully abuse weaker moves. Stingmon is also more reliable when it comes to mind swap, so he can use special moves better compared to Megakabuterimon. However, Rapid Spin is always needed, since Stingmon will always 50% HP when switching in to stealth rock, plus it's not as bulkier as Megakabuterimon, so it will die more easily. All in all, Stingmon is still a great choice for OU teams.