Type(s): Steel/Psychic&nbsp Tiers: OU


Levitate: Gives the user an immunity to ground type moves.



It's a cup, no it's an angel, no IT's a F***ing TEAPOT IDIOT!!! No it's actually the Pokemon that people always makes fun of. Just laugh at why Shakkoumon would even be included in this game for being so F***ing ugly! Well looks aren't everything, Shakkoumon has the second highest overall defenses of all OU, and a respectible defense in ubers, so don't laugh at it! Shakkoumon has 2 very useful immunities thanks to it's typing and ability, and the only weakness it has can't really hurt it anyways, since it has way too much defense. Shakkoumon has a great way of damaging opponents with Kachina Bombs, which is the "airborne" spikes doing little damage when used, but way too much damage when the opponent switches in. Shakkoumon has acess to nasty plot to boost his average special attack, and then start sweeping. Shakkoumon should never be made fun of, cuz that will only give you consequences.


Shakkoumon has been laughed at way too much in the OU's, so it's better to let it be laughed at even more in the ubers right? No Shakkoumon's typing and defenses are even amazing in ubers, since it has one of the biggest movepools ever, with too much supporting moves, and good special based moves. Shakkoumon is the best support in ubers, but in truth it should only be used as a support, not as an attacker, since even with a nasty plot boosted special move it won't hurt a majority of ubers.