Type(s): Steel/Dragon Tiers: UU


Magnet Pull: Traps steel type Pokemon.



Raidramon has a great typing, great speed, and is a pretty good mixed attacker. However, Raidramon suffers in terms of bulk, with low HP, beyond average low special defense, and only an average psychical defense. Also, Raidramon's main form of attack lacks a lot of STAB moves. Although a good mixed sweeper, Raidramon still suffers a good psychical movepool, and thus needs to use a slightly lower special attack. However, Raidramon is still a big threat to watch out for, with a lot of resistances, and one of the most powerful mixed sweepers in the UU tiers.


Although, Raidramon is outclassed by it's mixed sweeping rival Shurimon, who's ability makes it quicker than Raidramon automatically, Raidramon does still have a lot of great advantages over it. It has WAY Less weaknesses, with a lot of resistances, a resistance to stealth rock, and has the ability to trap annoying Pokemon like Submarimon, and Shakkoumon. Then slowing KO those 2 with special, or psychical moves respectively. Although, both mixed sweepers suffer this problem with super low bulk, Raidramon's slightly superior bulk can be of more use than you think.

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