Type: Grass Tiers: NFE


Water Absorb: Raises HP by 25% when hit by a water type move.



Palmon is a sad little cactus. This is the reason why: Palmon has a lot of common weaknesses, and although it has great bulk, it's more average HP does not help it too much. It's also super slow, with a low psychical attack, and although a good special attack, there are even better special attackers, plus too many types resist Palmon's STAB. Palmon's movepool is also shallow, learning only normal and grass type moves, and although she does have access to Pin Missle, it doesn't help her really. Also, Palmon's ability might be useful, but who would use a water type move on a grass type!?!? That's not all bad news for Palmon, it can learn dual screens as a support, plus has access to leech seed. But in order to make this Pokemon useful, be it's pal!

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