Type: Dark Tiers: OU


Inner Focus: Protects the Pokemon from flinching



Myostismon was once a very bad Pokemon learning very weak psychical moves, and a pathetic excuse for STABing moves. However in 4th gen, Myotismon has gotten a great gift from Satan as now it no longer has to suffer a pathetic special move pool, and have access to an all out powerful, and devastating psychical move pool. Myotismon's monstrous psychical attack, HP, and psychical defense make him a great wallbreaker, and even a great psychical wall. However, there is one problem keeping this evil creature from taking over the world. Myotismon is first off ridiculessly slow, with pathetic special defense, meaning moves such as Focus Blast from powerful users like Magnaangemon will devastate Myotismon with a single hit. Nevertheless, Myotismon has improved a lot, and will always be a top threat in OU.

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