Type(s): Bug/Flying Tiers: OU


Volt Absorb: Increases HP by 25% when hit by an electric type move.



Megakabuterimon is kinda sad being in the OU tiers. It has the worst typing in the game, giving him useless resistances, immunity, and a lot of common weaknesses. With a 4x weakness to stealth rock, Megakabuterimon can't stay in battle that long. Megakabuterimon might have have high psychical attack, but with horrible special attack it can't hit a lot of Pokemon, since it's typing is resisted by too much types. However, Megakabuterimon has a fairly high base stat with great powerful moves, and with a humongus defenses on both sides, it can take a rock type moves from a Pokemon up to Digmon, and survive! Megakabuterimon's ability eliminates one of the most common weaknesses to flying; electric, meaning it can switch to Pokemon like Flamedramon, Magnaangemon, or other Pokemon planning to use electric moves. It's also really quick, being able to set up stealth rock, taunt opponents, and baton pass supporting moves. Megakabuterimon is defintely recommended for any teams.


Megakabuterimon works in ubers even better than in OU, thanks to the vast majority of psychic and dark types. It's also known as "Satan's Hell", since he is the only STAB user that can OHKO Lucemon Chaos Mode, bringing that Devil to the bottom of hell. But watch out for powerful rock types, Pokemon like Daemon Wrath Mode can OHKO it easily with a Rock type move.