Type(s): Psychic/Fighting Tiers: OU

Synchronize: Inflicts the same status problem to your opponent.



Magnaangemon is an extremely powerful threat to anyone that faces it. It possesses god like special stats, even by uber standards. It is an extremely quick Pokemon with a high amount of speed. This makes this god like Pokemon the most biggest threat in all of OU. To make things even more better, Magnaangemon has a great typing, and has a useful ability, plus it resists Stealth Rock. However this angelic Pokemon does have a few unfortunate set backs. It has pathetic psychical, HP, and a lesser known psychical attack. Magnaangemon will get hurt easily by moves that it doesn't resist, even dying if it's a powerful psychical move. However Magnaangemon is a still a huge threat for teams, and is definitely worth using.


Even though Magnaangemon already has his master Seraphimon banished into the depths of the ubers with inhuman stats, Magnaangemon still finds its way in ubers pretty well, since it possesses a superb amount of special stats, and speed to take out a lot of Powerful Pokemon. Plus unlike Seraphimon, Magnaangemon actually has part fighting type will proves usefulness. However you must always remember never to use Magnaangemon has a Seraphimon, you must use it for other purposes, since it has an extra typing.