Type(s): Steel/Dragon Tiers: UU


Magna Armor: Doubles psychical, and special attack when HP drops to 50% or lower.



Magnamon is the most deadly force in the entire game, possessing the second highest psychical attack of all Pokemon, and a already very high special attack. Magnamon has an amazing move pool of pure sweeping techniques that can OHKO almost any Pokemon. However what is it that makes Magnamon sent all the way to the lower UU tiers? Well first off Magnamon's HP is much to be desired, it has the lowest psychical and special defense of all of it's relatives with 530 base stats. Plus it's incredibly slow, which is weird for the Veemon fully evolved evolution chain. However Magnamon is still a very uber like Pokemon in the UU, and definitely the highest threat.


With the highest psychical attack even in OU, Magnamon is still a high threat in OU for unprepared teams, but will suffer greatly on solid powerful, or defensive teams. Magnamon has a resistance to stealth rock, only two weaknesses, and one very useful immunity. Thanks to Magnamon's ability it will become the most powerful psychical and special attacker, plus it has access to Rock Polish, which can make it start sweeping. Even in OU, Magnamon is still a great team member that can kill a lot of hated Pokemon.


Magnamon holds the second highest psychical attack of all ubers, plus it's move Magna Explosion, it is generally the most powerful move in the entire game. Magnamon is known as "Demon" slayer due to the fact that it is the only Pokemon that can OHKO Daemon's Warth Mode without any boosts in attack. Thanks to Magnamon's ability, if it does get full boost in psychical attack, it can reach 4268 psychical attack! Magnamon also has a lot of great resistances (most notably stealth rock), so it's a very powerful force in the ubers that will dominate any teams. Just make sure to give Magnamon good support, then it'll take out any Pokemon you want at ease.