Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

Type(s): Dragon/Psychic Tiers: Ubers


Imperial Power: As long as the Pokemon remains on your team, all of your Pokemon's psychical, and special attack are increased by 50%.



Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is very similar to Gallantmon Crimson Mode. They are both really powerful, have super low defenses, and are both generally quick. Despite this, Imperialdramon PM is not as useful as a sweeper, due to a speed that most ubers with Choice Scarf can outspeed. His typing isn't very good either, giving him 5 weaknesses, 4 to rather common moves (Especially in Uber). Imperialdramon PM lacks supporting moves, unlike Gallantmon CM. However, there are definitely ways that make Imperialdramon PM better than Gallantmon CM. Most notably, it's ability which supports itself and the team, giving them all a +1 stage boost in offense, which makes Imperialdramon is even more deadly, especially equipped with Choice Band, or Choice Scarf. Imperialdramon PM also has 6 resistances, which makes low defenses still rather usable. Overall, Imperialdramon PM is a Pokemon recommended, but you have to completely take it's advantages.

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