Type(s): Ground/Bug Tiers: OU


Sand Veil: Raises evasion by 20% in sandstorm.



Digmon has a very unique combination, with a great supporting ability. However Digmon is definately the most inferior evolution of Ankylomon. Lots will also think Digmon useless because it has the lowest psychical and special defense of the three evolutions that Ankylomon can evolve into. It is also the only one of the three that does not resist stealth rock thanks to bug typing, and it has 4 weaknesses 3 to very common moves. However, Digmon is not useless and the main reason is beacuse it is the 3rd quickest Pokemon in Uber (Tied with a lot of others), generally one of the best ways to OHKO the most powerful Pokemon in OU, Magnaangemon. It has a great 110 psychical attack, and respectible defenses. It comes with 2 super powerful signature never miss moves, so due to all of this, Digmon should never be underestimated.

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