Daemon Cloak Mode

Type(s): Dark/Ghost Tiers: Ubers


Pressure: Makes opponent use 2x PP.



Daemon Cloak Mode is by far the most best wall in the entire game. With humongous defenses an both side, a good amount of HP, and one of the biggest supporting moves of all times is no laughing matter. It is the only Pokemon capable of doing all supporting moves, plus set up all entry hazards, and not die. Despite this, Daemon Cloak Mode is not the perfect Pokemon. It lacks offense, as it has pathetic special attack, with a slightly below average psychical attack for ubers, which makes Trick Room rather useless. However one must remember Daemon Cloak Mode has no weaknesses, and has access to both Power Trick and Mind Swap to support both offense stats. Daemon is with no doubt the best Pokemon at doing any little things.

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