Type(s): Fighting/Psychic Tiers: OU


Unburden: Doubles speed, when Pokemon uses it's item.



Despite possessing far more superior bulk compared to it's companion Dynasmon, and having better speed, Crusadermon is completely overshadowed by it. The main reason is because Crusadermon lacks offense, with slightly below average psychical attack, and only average special attack. It has lacks a rather good moveset, with a poor stat distribution on the HP and speed factors. No one needs a quick Pokemon that is offensive. However with it's a very useful supporter against a lot powerful enemies in the OU metagame. It has access to everything that Shakkoumon has, but with better speed to set up entry hazards better, plus it can confuse and taunt Pokemon quicker. It's typing is still great, and with a better psychical attack, and access to swords dance, Crusadermon can do psychical sweeps. The only thing Shakkoumon really has an advantage over Crusadermon is Kachina Bombs and a better typing, however you should always consider Crusadermon on your team.

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