Type: Dark Tiers: Ubers


Snipe: Critical hits do 3x damage.



Beelzemon is probably one of the most powerful Demon Lords. It doesn't get the title "Gluttonous Serial Killer" for no reason. Beelzemon is one of the most powerful mixed sweepers in the game. It might be weaker than Azulongmon, however has access to Nasty Plot to do better special sweeps. It also has a relatively high speed to outspeed almost every Pokemon in the game. With it's ability Snipe, you don't have to worry at all with sweeping, as once it's activated, even Pokemon who resist Beelzemon's STAB will be at least 2HKO'd. However, if you look at Beelzemon, you'll find out that it isn't bulky at all. Being only slightly bulkier than the holy Gallantmon's, Beelzemon is easy to KO. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't use Beelzemon your team, as it's a very deadly demon.

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