Type(s): Rock/Steel Tiers: NU


Shell Armor: Protects the Pokemon from critical hits.



Ankylomon is the most unique of all the second forms for the starters. The main thing is, that Ankylomon is the only one out of the three that isn't in the bad NFE tier with no description, but instead Ankylomon made a hard struggle to get to the lowest real play tiers. Ankylomon has a lot of great supporting moves like rapid spin, stealth rock, and spikes, making him a great lead. It has a good amount of psychical attack in the UU tiers, and is the only Pokemon that has a damaging move which can sharply lower one of the opponent's stats. Ankylomon has a monstrous psychical defense, being able to withstand any psychical moves it isn't weak too. However, there is one unfortunate thing about Ankylomon. Namely the fact that it's pretty slow, super low special defense, and 2 4x weaknesses, to the most common moves used. However, Ankylomon is definitely a guy worth using as a great supporter, or a psychical wallbreaker.

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