Type(s): Fighting/Psychic Tiers: NU


Synchronize: Inflicts same status problem to opponent.



Angemon is probably the best special attacker in the entire game thanks to an already monster like 130 base special attack, packed with a lot of powerful moves. Angemon's signature item doubles it's insane special attack, making his Vacuum Wave priority move even more powerful than a Technician Stingmon's Spiking Strike. Angemon's Holy Rod and Vacuum combo will grantee to OHKO any Pokemon that is weak to it, and almost OHKO every Pokemon in the game. Angemon is also ridiculously quick, with a speed outspeeding many OU, and Holy Rod Focus Blast Modest set is grantee to OHKO any Pokemon that does not have a 4x resistance to it, or is immune to it. Despite this, Angemon will definitely fall to a single psychical move from a Pokemon with at least 80 base attack, and if Angemon does not resist the move. However, if one passes the shortcomings, Angemon is no doubt the most deadly Pokemon ever.


Angemon might have his master Magnaangemon in the OU section. But just like Magnaangemon who can compete in the uber metagame, despite having his master there, Magaangemon has one thing giving it an advantage over Seraphimon, so therefore Angemon has one thing giving it an advantage to Magnaangemon. That advantage is being able to use Holy Rod doubling it's special attack. Even in the OU tiers, Angemon can nearly defeat all Pokemon with Holy Rod Vacuum Wave. However, if you do not wish to give him the Holy Rod (You're an idiot then), Magnaangemon is definitely the better choice over Angemon.